Visions and goals for our company

SæbeRiget is a family owned soap workshop placed at the west coast of Jutland and in the middle of The Waddensea National Park;  Nationalpark Vadehavet only few km. from the West coast and beautiful Northsea coast line.

Since 2017 our vision has been to produce luxury soap and bodycare products. Our focus is on good handcraft and ecology, local raw materials and sustainability.

SæbeRiget grew out of my desire to make clean and natural care products for my own girls, who are now adults. Before opening my soap workshop i was trained as a midwife and through my work I have experienced what harmful substances and chemicals in our surroundings can do to our bodies and the environment. 
It has only strengthened my passion for ecology and natural ingredients.

All of SæbeRiget's products are handmade and contain as many organic and natural raw materials as possible. Most of our products, including the hot strired solid soaps, shampoo bars, body oils and body scrubs, are, for example, 100 percent organic products. We are proud of that.

The flowers in our products are picked in the nature round West Jutland. For example, we collect the rosehips in nature by the coast and have our own wild garden with lavender and marigolds.

Read much more about the 6 world goals we are following  or visit the shop.