Sustainability, ecologi, local ingredients and world goals

The passion for ecology and concern for the body and the environment are our core values ​​at SæbeRiget.

We manufacture handmade care products with local and organic ingredients, and in our journey we have chosen to support six out of The 17 global goals

·       Global Goal 3:          Good health and well-being

·       Global Goal 5:          Gender equality

·       Global Goal 6:          Clean water and sanitation

·       Global Goal 11:        Sustainable cities and communities

·       Global Goal 12:        Responsible consumption and production

·       Global Goal 15:        Life on land

We have selected the six goals as they are well in line with what we work towards every day in SæbeRiget.

Below you can read more about the landmarks in our micro soap factory based in the nature of West Jutland.


We develop delicious natural products without harmful additives. Unwanted chemistry can be harmful to the body and the environment, and at SæbeRiget we work to ensure that you can offer yourself and your loved ones clean well-being products.

We are constantly working to increase the content of organic ingredients in SæbeRiget's products. We use organic oils, and several of our products are 100 percent organic. These are our warm-stirred soaps and shampoos, organic body oils, bodybutter and organic body scrubs and foot bath salts.

We have opted out of various eco certifications as, at best, they only operate with an organic percentage of 30% within body care and cosmetics. We are constantly working to reach 100% and since many of our products already contain 90% organic raw materials, we think it is misleading to pay a lot of money for these certifications, both for the customer and for us.

Local ingredients

We don't have to go far when we collect the natural ingredients for SæbeRiget's products. We simply open the doors and move out into the West Jutland nature. Here we find, among other things, rosehips in the plantations along the coast.

We have planted SæbeRiget's own wild garden with lavender and marigold.



When we find ingredients in our local nature, we save transport, and thus the emission of CO2 gases, from other parts of Denmark and the world.

At the same time, we are constantly working to increase the amount of organic ingredients in our products. Organic production saves nature and the environment from unnecessary chemicals and helps ensure more wild nature.

We also consider sustainability when choosing packaging, so that it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our soapboxes are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardbord made in Denmark.